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Props & Makeup
Christopher Bowes is a Journeyman Glazier, and strives for the same in his other endeavours.
Christopher is a published author, a journalist, photographer, and film maker. He has been known to paint, write, craft leather, forge steel, and try anything he can to make what he fancies. He has worked on over 40 film-shoots, ranging from craft services and props, to lighting and make-up. As well as these various video shoots and jobs, he has worked on four weddings, completed four ,"72 hour competitions," several concerts, an art gallery opening, and a large photo shoot for Oregon's "Battle of the Marching Bands," at Autzen Stadium.
He is looking forward to his future.
Blue Skies.

Mission statement

Eventual Studios exists because of my passion for art, creativity, and the capturing of lif's unique moments.
I have found that working with a camera lets me become part of the memories of others. Whether the project be a fun short film, family portraits, or a larger event such as a concert or wedding, I aim to not only capture the shots a client wants, but to find the unique, candid moments that happen off-script, as well to help them see what the client missed.